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Level 1 Coaches clinic
by posted 01/08/2020

Pittsburgh Area Level 1 CDP clinic is now open!

Register Here: http://usl8.ebiz.uapps.net/PersonifyEbusiness/Default.aspx?TabID=487&_ga=2.138243320.952885029.1576514544-1115791968.1560168251

February 23rd, 9:45am – 12:45pm

PISA - Pittsburgh Indoor Sports Arena


To obtain your level 1 certification you must have the following:

  • Current US Lacrosse membership
  • NCSI Background check
  • Level 1 Online course (free for all members)
  • PCA Double-Goal Coach 1 ("Coaching for Winning and Life Lessons")
  • Level 1 Instructional Clinic (above registration link)
  • How to make proper contact (For men's game only)


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New equipment regulations
by posted 01/08/2020

New equipment rules for all boys and girls goalies in 2021 and all boys players in 2022. If you're looking at new chest protection, keep in mind that what you are buying may be illegal in a couple of years and start looking for the NOCSAE certified gear!

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